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Salinity is a deadly disease of a building. Such as diabetics for the human body.

The main source of salinity is bricks, if the presence of .001 micro grams of salt particles in a brick, then that salt particle is enough to destroy a wall. In contact with water alone salinity actually spreads.

Brick gathuni + plastering uses a lot of water during this time salinity spreads. Many times the visual quality is again not much time, this is due to the presence of light air. Finally when the wall is painted salinity is observed. Just as bandages are applied to any part of the human body when cut, but in the same way that saliva is first seen within a distance of 2 feet from the floor. Later it destroys the working capacity of the cement. This can take months or even years.

Our difference from other chemicals:
The other chemicals you are using are mixed with the plaster and it does not prevent the hardness, salinity of your plaster.
In that case we are using chemicals before plaster, after brick or after plaster. But before color. But not with plaster. German technology has been used in our product. We offer a minimum five years guarantee.

Our pack size is 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 liters, 5 liters, 10 liters

In addition, if you use Damage repair on both sides of the wall, you will get 30 years guarantee.

Bangladesh started its activities with our anti-salinity product in 2016. At present, our activities are being introduced in all the districts of the southern region with a good reputation.

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